Draw Climber APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins) v1.15.01

Unlimited Coins
Name Draw Climber
ID com.appadvisory.drawclimber&
Publisher VOODOO
Genre Arcade
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Version 1.15.01
Size 13MB
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Price FREE
Updated On

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The Draw Climber MOD APK is a game where the player must overcome a number of obstacles collecting stars and gems along the way have to collect as many stars as possible to unlock new characters for you to play with. purchase power which can be activated when you press down on the screen. These will help you reach higher places the levels that would otherwise be impossible . There are five different worlds available in this game, each with 25 levels to complete.

One thing worth mentioning is that there are no time limits so players are free to take their time completing each level without feeling pressured or rushed. Another feature worth mentioning is the fact that each world has a separate theme. For example, if one world has an ice theme while another might have a space theme you get stuck at any point there is always ais video walkthrough available on YouTube that can give you some pointers.

Furthermore, the graphics in this game are quite stunning and your character looks pretty cool thanks to the pixelated style. The only downside we found was that some items like grenades and coins sometimes disappear before we even had a chance to use them. it happens too often so it does really from gameplay experience All we found The Draw Climber APK is quite enjoyable and addictive.

There are plenty of levels available and they are well designed making it hard to put the phone down looking for a casual yet challenging game then this one should be added to your collection. It can be played by anyone who enjoys platform games and its simple mechanics make it easy to pick up regardless of age. Moreover, the difficulty gradually increases throughout the game so you never feel bored.

What is Draw Climber Mod Apk

Draw Climber MOD APK is a simple but addictive game that has been developed by Ketchapp Games you are looking for an adventurous game that you can enjoy for free then this one is perfect for you. You will have to help your character climb up the stairs on each level by drawing the next step. You must be quick and accurate to make it to the top before time runs out or the steps disappear. The faster you complete the levels the more points you get As well as being able to compete with other players from around the world.

Draw Climber APK

The game features new obstacles and challenges every day so you will never run out of new things to do. In addition if you want to play at any given moment and not be limited by waiting periods you can just purchase extra lives right away. And dont forget about the different types of music tracks available they range from calming melodies to exciting guitar riffs. With all these cool features combined into one single game no wonder why Draw Climber has already become such a huge hit among Android users.

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What is Draw Climber Apk?

In this blog post, we will discuss what the draw climber is and how it can help you climb your way to the top of the ladder. wondering what the game does for you just know that it allows for an unlimited amount of ladders. In addition, this mod also allows for an unlimited amount of balls and string making the game a lot more fun. Now that you know what the game does talk about why it might interest you.

What draws many people to this mod is its customization features- including in-game character skins new levels new animations, and a variety of other things that will make your experience with Draw Climber much more enjoyable The only downside to this mod is that their arent any updates coming anytime soon. If you are looking for some immediate changes then this mod may not be best suited for you but if you want something long-term then the draw climber could very well be worth your time.

Features of Draw Climber Mod Apk

There are five levels in total and every time you complete one you are given three stars Collecting all three stars in each level will grant the player access to the next level. controls for this game are simple as the whole point is to draw on your screen and guide the climber to safety. not like any other mobile game where you have to jump on enemies or anything like that.

Free to Play

There are three difficulties Easy medium and hard You can select any of them as you like. Easy is noob-friendly. Medium is balanced with a little more challenge while Hard will test your skills. Draw Climber game features endless playability you never get bored as it keeps track of how many levels you completed and also how many tries it took to complete those levels.

Draw Climber MOD

Easy and Simple Controls

Unlike most games the aim of Draw Climber is not to kill an enemy but rather just keep climbing Your only control is drawing lines on your screen which move the character upwards towards the exit. The game has a nice design and intuitive gameplay which makes it fun to play. The difficulty levels make sure you wont get bored as they increase in difficulty from easy to hard even better about this game is that there is no limit so you never be able to finish.

Smooth gameplay

The thing about android game developers is that they often try to make a 3D game when it would just be much better off if they made something simpler like Draw Climber. You dont get hung up with an awkward control system there are no delays while you playing and it has a good level of challenge to keep you hooked.

Unlocked All Cars and Bikes

As stated before Draw Climber game allows you to unlock everything from cars and bikes to wingsuits and skateboards by getting enough stars during the game Getting stars hard as you receive them at the end of each stage after finishing a round. One star is awarded for completing the round two stars for finishing it without dying and three stars for achieving both conditions.

Draw Climber MOD APK Download

Ads Removed

You can remove ads from the Draw Climber game by downloading our latest file v1.5 New Vehicles Added Introducing new vehicles like the snowboard surfboard, and airplane These new vehicles provide a variety of gameplay opportunities and allow players to experience the thrill of flying through the air.

Mod Features:-

  • Unlocked All
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Ads Removed

How to Install Draw Climber Mod Apk

You have now successfully installed the Draw Climber If you want to uninstall the modded version then simply uninstall it like any other app. Otherwise, you are free to play and enjoy this game as is.

  • On your device.
  • Search for it in the search bar on your phone or tablet settings
  • Click on its name in the list of apps that appear
  • Click Uninstall if you wish to remove the mod from your device.
  • If you would like to reinstall the Draw Climber game at a later date just open this post and find out how to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Keep reading to find out more about the Draw Climber Most of you guys have been very curious about how our team managed to bring the game to Android. After all we were not aware of any other action-puzzle games for smartphones that made use of a drawing mechanic before we started working on it.

Q. What platforms is Draw Climber available for?
A. The game is currently available on iOS and Android devices also planning to release it on PC/Mac shortly so stay tuned.

Q. What does MOD mean?
A. When you download an app or game from the Play Store there are different versions of that app. One version is the original version which has no changes applied this version is known as clean.


We hope this answers your questions! Please remember that Draw Climber Mod Ak will be released on Windows soon. Stay tuned!

Download Draw Climber MOD APK for Android

Go to the app store on your device and search for Draw Climber-Click on the icon with a green puzzle piece and tap Install will ask you to confirm your in-app purchase by entering your Apple ID password. Click Confirm The game will now download onto your device and you can start playing.

Draw Climber v1.15.01 MOD APK Installer - 1.15.01 Mod

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