Hexagon Pursuit APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.09

Unlimited Money
Name Hexagon Pursuit
ID io.pursuit.challenge&
Publisher Ararat Games
Genre Games
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 1.09
Size 66MB
Requires Android 4.2 and up
Price FREE
Updated On

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In this game, the player controls a shape-shifting geometric figure called Hexagon Pursuit MOD APK who must navigate to the game exit point. The player can change the shape of their character to adapt to each obstacle by rotating it around one of its corners. For triangle would become an isosceles triangle if its three corners are rotated in different directions and become more narrow to make it fit through tight spaces. These changes are reflected in the level design as well certain walls will open up or close off when they come into contact with different shapes on the screen.

There are also levels where the player path may seem clear but will not work out because there is an invisible barrier preventing them from progressing. Players often need to experiment with various shapes before discovering which one works best for that particular scenario. For example sometimes you might have to rotate your triangular character so that two of its corners are touching the wall and then hold down both buttons at once.

Another way to pass these barriers is by using another shape ability such as using a square sharp point to cut through objects. When I played the game, I enjoyed how simple yet challenging it was. It reminded me of games like Lemmings back in my childhood days where players had to use various skills to reach their goals I also appreciated how quickly the tutorial began teaching me what was needed without dragging things out too long as some other games do.

Hexagon Pursuit APK

They used easy-to-understand instructions and made sure all features were introduced step by step I noticed that the game didnt allow much room for creativity. Since each level has only one solution depending on the shapes available to solve it playing became quite repetitive. It was fun anymore since I felt like all my time went into just figuring out what move to do next instead of enjoying myself while playing.

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What is Hexagon Pursuit MOD APK

Hexagon Pursuit MOD APK released on November 5, 2018, and designed by Chris Huelsbeck is a music puzzle game in which players take the role of Beepo and navigate the terrain while collecting points. Each time Beepo crosses an obstacle he collects a point. The game features a total of 120 levels with increasingly challenging obstacles to avoid. The objective of the game is to collect as many points as possible before running out of time or losing all three lives.

Players can complete the level by either reaching the target score or crossing the finish line. Obstacles such as fire pits and spikes can be overcome using power-ups that appear throughout each level. If Beepo loses all three lives during gameplay Alongside completing objectives for individual levels there are also stars scattered across each stage that can be collected for additional points.

What is Hexagon Pursuit MOD APK

Player progress is recorded every time they complete a level with their best ranking appearing in the bottom left corner of the screen. There are 120 levels in the game with more difficult stages unlocked as they earn more stars. After completing the game, there is an option to upload your high score. There is no cost associated with playing this mobile app except having the access to download it from the game depending on your device type and operating system.

Features of Hexagon Pursuit MOD APK

In Hexagon Pursuit MOD APK you interact with hexagons to complete each level by thinking strategically The game has different levels of difficulty so you can gradually increase the challenge as you improve. Alternatively you can move place and drag tiles by tapping and dragging them on the hexagonal board.

Features of Hexagon Pursuit MOD APK

One click control simple operation

Just click or drag your finger across the screen to make tiles move on the screen. There is no wifi or internet connection required for the game. Great for people of all ages, perfect for times when kids have some spare time but also fun for adults who need something casual to keep them busy when they are bored.

Challenge players from all over the world

With multiplayer mode in Hexagon Pursuit, you can challenge other players in real-time games By playing against others around the world you be able to see how good your strategy skills are. Multiplayer mode allows users to play a real-time game against someone else who is connected on their phone at that same moment without any delay between turns.

Features of Hexagon Pursuit game

A variety of props and skins make you exquisite

To give you more opportunities to show off your style there are many props and skin options in the game that let you show off your personality For example, if you are feeling festive then maybe choose a Santa Claus hat and sleigh skin which would work great during Christmas. If you want to go for a little bit of an old-school feel then choose one of the vintage prop sets like a rotary telephone or radio.

How to Install Hexagon Pursuit MOD APK

In The Hexagon Pursuit MOD APK, you will have to move the hexagon to avoid being in contact with other shapes It is very simple just touch the screen and slide it from one side to another. You must not let it touch any of the surrounding shapes or you will lose.

Step 1. Download and install the game on your Android device
Step 2. I suggest you start playing because you going to like the game, which has increased levels of difficulty as you progress through it.
Step 3. Once installed open Hexagon Pursuit and go straight into the gameplay by pressing on the Play button.

Hexagon Pursuit APK (FAQs)

Q. How do I play the game?
A. The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible while avoiding hitting the edges of the screen or black lines that appear randomly on it.

Q. How can I win more points?
A. You gain a score multiplier by catching a yellow diamond with your hexagon, which will be added to your current score.

Q. What are the three modes of gameplay?
A. There are three modes of gameplay Campaign Arcade and Endless. In Campaign mode you must reach level 10 without losing all your lives to complete it.


Hexagon Pursuit MOD APK is one of the best addictive games available today is completely free to download and there are no annoying ads!

Download Hexagon Pursuit MOD APK for Android

Hexagon Pursuit MOD APK is a game that is free to download and play but in-game purchases are available to purchase. To download the game, you need an Android device with at least the latest operating system First go to the website and click on the Download button.

Hexagon Pursuit v1.09 MOD APK Installer - 1.09 Mod

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