Hot Slide APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Gems) v1.4.64

Unlimited Money/Gems
Name Hot Slide
ID com.tapcheer.hotslide&
Publisher Tapcheer
Genre Games
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Gems
Version 1.4.64
Requires Android 4.2 and up
Price FREE
Updated On

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Hot Slide Mod Apk

You will have to move your finger on the screen to avoid obstacles that are coming your way while you collect as many coins as possible hit any of the obstacles, then you will lose one Hot Slide MOD APK. But dont worry there are plenty of opportunities to get new lives and it wont take long before you can reach for them Just be careful not to collide with the red blocks because they will instantly take away all of your lives.

Hot Slide APK

The more coins you collect, the higher your score will be Try to collect as many stars as possible along the way because they give you an extra life. There are two special items in Hot Slide that you can use if you want to gain an extra boost or protection. One of them is the power-up which will protect you from any obstacle for a short period of time, and the other one is the shield which makes it impossible for anything to touch you until its duration expires.

Keep in mind that some levels may require different strategies than others so make sure to explore everything before making your final decision. On top of that, every level has three achievements that you can unlock by fulfilling certain conditions and we strongly recommend exploring the map to find out what each achievement rewards you with.

Features of Hot Slide Mod Apk

The slide is now three times faster and the player will enjoy more of what the Hot Slide has to offer in less time, They can also earn more tokens by watching videos and this means that they dont have to watch ads anymore To make it even better there are new world jumps ramps and many other features which were not available before.

Easy to play

The aim of the game is very simple and all you need to do is get from one end of the track to another as fast as possible. You can use different tactics like jumping sliding or going sideways and you still finish first enough to take advantage of them. If you find that the original levels are too easy for you then there is a hardcore mode where things will be much harder and where your reflexes will be put to test on every single corner.

Hot Slide MOD

Free coins and diamonds

When players download Hot Slide they receive plenty of free coins and diamonds so that they can buy everything they want without paying any money at all. That way they wont feel limited by what they have and will feel free to experiment with new modes or buy costumes.

No internet connection is required

One of the best things about Hot Slide is that no internet connection is required for the player to keep playing. Thats because all the data comes from their device, meaning that they can go offline whenever they want and continue playing. In addition to that, downloading content takes only seconds and doesnt consume a lot of storage space.

Beautiful design

One of the most impressive aspects of Hot Slide is its beautiful design. Every level feels fresh and unique and the colors are appealing. Even if you are not playing the game yourself then just looking at the screen will give you an adrenaline rush due to how amazing the graphics are. It makes players want to jump right into the game themselves and start enjoying these tracks right away.

Unlock All Emoji

Those who love emojis can unlock all emojis without paying anything. All they need to do is complete certain tasks such as achieving a certain amount of score or completing different levels and they are able to choose from over 100 emojis.

Hot Slide MOD APK Download

Unlimited Level Packs

A good feature of Hot Slide is that it allows players to unlock unlimited level packs so that they dont have to worry about being stuck on the same one for hours. These packs change the course completely and add tons of new challenges to overcome. Players will never get bored again while playing because they know that as soon as they conquered one pack then there are others waiting for them around the corner.

How to Install Hot Slide Mod Apk

Installing the Hot Slide Mod Apk is a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes, How before you begin important to make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements for installation. Once you confirmed that your device is compatible follow the steps below to install the Hot Slide.

  • Install the apk file on your android phone by downloading it and installing it like any other app.
  • Once installed open up the app and start playing one of three versions of hot-slide right away.
  • An objective is to save as many people as possible from an inferno by sliding them down a fireman pole to safety.
  • After installation of the app, players are presented with options to play either Classic Mode Arcade Mode, or Time Trial Mode.
  • If you love fast-paced action then this game is perfect for you.
  • The default setting when starting up the app is set to the classic mode which features a single slope at the bottom of the screen and six slots at the top where players will try to place six firefighters.
  • In arcade mode, there are two slopes; one near the top of the screen, containing five slots, and another towards the bottom which contains four slots.


The Hot Slide Mod Apk is a great tool for anyone looking to start a business It provides a step-by-step guide to starting a business, from conception to execution. Plus it includes a business plan template and tips on how to streamline the process. Overall, the Hot Slide is an excellent resource for anyone interested in starting their own business The information provided can be very useful for those that are looking to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. The only downside of this app is that some of the advice may not be relevant depending on what type of industry you are considering joining.

Hot Slide Apk (FAQs)

Q. Is there a way to have access to the games?
A. Yes, there is a web version that you can play on any browser or computer. You will need to be online for this, but once you are online, you can play without interruption as long as your device is connected to the internet.

Q. What are some of the in-game features?
A. There are plenty of features and options.

Q. Are there different maps with different levels of difficulty?
A. Yes, each map has its own set difficulty level ranging from beginner to expert. The game has 24 maps so if you get stuck on one, try another.

Q. What is the total number of levels?
A. There are more than 100 levels to complete so make sure you try them all!

Download Hot Slide MOD APK for Android

If so, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll show you how to download Hot Slide Mod Apk in just a few simple steps The first thing you want to do is visit their website and download the game onto your device of choice. From there, start playing the game as usual and wait until you collect enough coins or points to be able to purchase an item from one of their shops (golden card). Purchase one of these items with whatever coins or points that are necessary and go back into your shop inventory and swap it out with something else if you want.

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