Tekken 3 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.1

Unlimited Money
Name Tekken 3
ID tekken 3
Publisher Mohsen Jafari
Genre Action
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 1.1
Requires Android 3.9 and up
Price FREE
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Tekken 3 Mod Apk is the third installment in the fighting game series Tekken by Namco The game was released in arcades in Japan on November 26, 1997, and later ported to the Play Station on March 11, 1998, and released in North America that same year on June 30, 1998 (six months after the arcade release). In 1999, it was released in Europe under the name Tekken Fighting Tournament (without the 3) other consoles/PCs and was followed by numerous sequels.

Tekken 3 Mod

It introduced new features such as sidestepping, walled arenas, a bound system, and character customization. It also added a new gameplay mechanic known as Bound, which limits a character’s movement if they are struck with certain attacks. This feature would be removed from future installments of Tekken.

Tekken 3 Mod Apk

In a world where different games are now available for everyone, one needs to be extra careful before downloading a game. Therefore, here’s a brief look at all you need to know about Tekken 3 Mod Apk and how it can help you.

Tekken 3 Apk

From its origin to the latest features let’s take a look at what makes it so popular among gamers A large number of people around the globe love playing video games and often spend their free time indulging in such activities.

Some of them even end up spending hours in front of their computers or phones while playing video games. How there is another category of people who enjoy gaming but do not want to play on their computers or smartphones.

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What is Tekken 3 Apk

Tekken 3 Apk The game’s story focuses on Kazuya Mishima’s quest to defeat his father Heihachi Mishima after he discovers that Heihachi had betrayed his mother, Kazumi Mishima, to die in an accident many years ago.

In Tekken 3, players control one of eight characters as they fight their way through eleven stages using martial arts moves and special attacks to defeat their opponents. The Play Station version allows players to unlock additional features when a memory card with saved data from previous games in the series is inserted into the console.

Tekken 3 Mod Apk download

Features of Tekken 3 Mod Apk

The Tekken 3 Mod Apk has improved graphics and sound quality The levels have been modified and many new items added to them. In addition, more characters are added. There are some new modes in it such as Tekken Force, Team Battle, Death Match, etc.

Dynamic fighting game

The player can choose from a variety of A character’s health is represented by a life bar that is divided into red and green sections, once all of a character’s green health has been depleted, that character loses.

Tekken 3 Mod Apk unlimited money

Unusual characters

The game has several unusual characters such as a robot, a devil, and even an alien The player can unlock these by completing specific tasks in the game, In addition to fighting with other players, players can also fight against computer-controlled opponents.

High-quality graphics and sounds

The game features high-quality sound effects and background music, The soundtracks are sampled from some of Namco’s other popular games such as Pac-Man, Xevious, Dig Dug, Galaga, etc. Some characters in Tekken 3 can speak several phrases when certain buttons are pressed during gameplay.

The versatility of combat techniques

There are many different fighting styles in Tekken 3. The player can perform moves such as punches, kicks, throws, and special attacks by pressing specific buttons on their controller. The player can also block their opponent’s attacks by holding down one of these buttons.

Tekken 3 Mod Apk 2022

Mod Info?

  • God Mode
  • All Unlock
  • Unlimited Health
  • No Ads
  • No Root

Review Tekken 3 Game?

Tekken 3 The king of fighters is a fighting game series developed and published by SNK The first game in the series was launched in 1991. It is one of SNK’s most popular franchises and one of Capcom rival fighting games. There are several different versions of each game, including Neo Geo, arcade, home console (such as Nintendo 64), and PlayStation.

Sega Saturn Dreamcast, and Windows PC. The series features many characters from other video games, movies, or even real-life people. The characters have different fighting styles based on martial arts or wrestling techniques. The series also has an extensive cast of villains as well as heroes that players can choose from when playing against others online or offline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I download and install Tekken 3 Mod Apk?
A. Tekken 3 Mod Apk is available for free on Play Store, but you will need to have a rooted Android device to use it.

Q. Why do I need to root my Android device?
A. Rooting your Android device will allow you to run apps that require root access, like Tekken 3.

Q. I cant download Tekken 3 Mod Apk from Play Store, what should I do?
A. The Tekken 3 is not available on the Play Store because it violates Play Store’s policy on copyrighted content. How you can download it from our website and install it directly on your Android device.


I hope you have enjoyed reading our Tekken 3 Mod Apk Review. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, if you think there is anything that we should add or remove from our Tekken 3 Review, feel free to let us know. Thank You!

Download Tekken 3 MOD APK for Android

The Tekken 3 mod apk is available for free download from several sites To download it you need a file manager app that allows you to move files from your device’s internal storage space to its SD card. Once you have it downloaded, you can install it just like any other app on your Android device. This will allow you to play Tekken 3 on your Android device using a controller or arcade stick.

Tekken 3 v1.1 MOD APK Installer - 1.1 Mod

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